Below are just a few success stories from our patients.

Success Story 1

The story I am about to tell would not be a success for some people but for me I have a second chance at life. A chance to be a better father, brother, son, and a better provider. If not for my methadone maintenance treatment there is absolutely no doubt that I'd be in jail or dead.

I imagine being in a hospital parking lot, the third hospital in the same night. I was severely sick with withdrawals and had been trying to get some narcotics through one of the Emergency Rooms of the hospitals. After the third one turned me down, I lay under the parking lot light sweating, chilling, vomiting, and cramping so bad I could barley walk. After you're on drugs a while you only get better- not high- just better. That's all I wanted was to not be sick. So there I was in the parking lot of this hospital with my company's work truck beside me (I was a driver for a construction company) and I kept thinking I don't want to lose this job like I did my other jobs.

Before drugs I had a great job as the manager of a Pizza Hut, I owned a house, a car and paid my bills, and supported my family, but I snorted it all away.

Back to the story. I'm in this parking lot and I was thinking I've lost 3 jobs, 2 cars, my house, my family, my friends, and I saw no end to this, misery. I couldn't quit. I had tried several times before. I tried to quit cold turkey; I had been the rehabs, hospitals and everything else I could think of to try to quit. Nothing worked. I had lost all hope. The most painful thing for me was that I have a daughter who loves me no matter what. She's what had kept me going this long but I'd had enough.

Seven years of drug abuse had taken everything. There was no hope. I knew I had reached the end.

Somehow I woke up in the hotel room the next morning. I went home that day and a friend of mine told me about methadone. I was skeptical but I had tried everything else.

Now it's 2 years, 10 months, and 14 days later and here I am alive, being a dad, working, and being useful instead of a burden.

Every morning, I get up take my methadone, and go on with my day. Methadone has given me a new life. No more sickness, no more stealing, and no more lying.

I am now honest and hardworking, I have been at the same job for 2 years and I've remained drug free.

I intend to come off methadone slowly one day soon; I am even starting school next fall to become a grade school teacher. I know methadone is not for everyone but my story is proof that if used properly with the right counseling and structure and of course, with enough of a desire, methadone can be a miracle drug. It was for me.

Patient #861


Success Story 2

I've been asked to write a short story on how medication assisted treatment has affected my life. I'll attempt to keep it as short as possible, but it has changed so many things for me.

I would like to start by saying I was raised by the best 2 parents a child could ever be blessed with, I was raised in church, I excelled in school, and when I graduated (one year earlier than I should have) I went to a good job. I married, had a nice home, and gave birth to a beautiful son.

When my son was 2 years old, I experienced a very personal tragedy. I had been taking pain meds for an injury I got in a car wreck. It started with me taking one extra to feel better, then two extra to cope a little better, and it progressed into something uncontrollable. I woke up one day and knew I was just like all those people I'd always thought were so disgusting. Those addicts.

My addiction destroyed me. My guilt and shame were overwhelming. I had destroyed all the people who loved me. I had taken my parents' daughter, my husband's wife, and my son's mother with my addiction. I was suicidal. The guilt was enough to kill me.

I put myself in rehab twice. I failed twice. This addiction had a psychological hold on me that I couldn't beat. I had lost everything, even my job. Life was a daily hell. The fear of being sick (without drugs) kept me looking for more.

I heard about methadone from someone. I knew I had to make this work. It was my last chance. I would die without it, one way or another.

That was 2 years and 10 months ago. Methadone gave me a chance and in doing so it gave my parents their daughter back, my husband his wife back, and my son his mother. It also put a productive person back into society. It saved me and all those who loved me.

Methadone didn't save me once but twice. My mom went to be with God this past September. We had these past almost 3 years to be together. I got to make peace and tell her and show her how precious she was to me. Without methadone we wouldn't have had that time together. I know I could not have lived with myself knowing my mom left scared of me. When she left she knew I'd finally be OK.

People are so afraid of people who use methadone, until they watch an addiction turn their child from someone beautiful to someone corrupt, a thief, and a shell of the person they once were. Don't be afraid of people on methadone. They have help. They are no longer desperate. It's when I was desperate that I became dangerous.

There will always be a few bad people who do the wrong thing. Don't let them ruin it for all the others who just want a second chance.

I am now a healthy daughter, wife, mother, and citizen. I know I'll always have to be better than just good. I know I was a destructive force when I was using, I have a lot of making up to a lot of people and to society as a whole.

Thanks to medication assisted treatment I can do just that. I can try to help people; try to make up for all the mistakes. For that I will always be forever grateful.

Patient #888


Success Story 3

It has increased my quality of life without drug usage, diminishing the desperate feeling of not knowing where the next pill is coming from. It has given me a more free relationship with my family, friends, co-workers, and superiors which have increased my self esteem, generating a better feeling about myself. The bond between me and my BTC counselor has stair stepped from "new" to "know." The counselor helped me to understand why I was a user and the true knowledge of why I want to stop.

On average, I was spending $80.00 a day. Now, I am spending $13.00 a day for my treatment - yet a savings of $67.00 a day, $560.00 a week, $2077.00 a month.

BTC is like an encyclopedia...it contains a lot of words. If I am respective along with my counselor, we can utilize the words at an affordable price to become non dependent of opiates and live the life God gave us. Since I am fully committed to live a lifestyle free of all illicit drugs, BTC is helping me achieve my goal.

Patient #2000


Success Story 4

I am the mother of two children, and my husband and I have an opiate addiction. If you have never had this problem you would not understand how powerful it is. It completely takes over your body and mind. We would do anything to get our next fix. I even found myself stealing from family members. I was broke and sick and felt as if I had no other choice. I hurt my family and I never would have done anything like that if I was sober. Our children suffered because they did not receive the love and attention that they deserved from us. Addiction is evil and hard, if not impossible to overcome on our own. My husband and I have been patients of the Opioid Treatment Program for a little more than 6 months. If it wasn't for this program we would be dead and our children would have had to grow up without their parents. We can now live normal lives like any other family. They finally get the love and attention that they have longed for. We are no longer spending every hour of every day running the streets looking for dope so we could feel normal.


Success Story 5

I was in treatment at the Wheeling Treatment Center for 15 months. I have been sober now for two years last month. I owe my life to the Treatment Center. When I came to treatment I was on the verge of loosing my family, my business, and probably my health. I was on the path of destruction. I had been using pain meds at first for legitimate injuries, however I knew right away that I liked them too much. I would complain to fool my doctor into giving me more than I needed so I could take few extra. I never intended to get hooked. I did though. For two years there wasn't a day go bye that I didn't have pills, it got so bad I couldn't go four hours without getting sick and needing more. If I didn't have any I was miserable felt like the flu only worse. When I couldn't get them form the doctor I had to start buying them from other people. This was very expensive and is when my family started to notice he money missing. Then it started effecting my business as I tried to hide it from my family. When I called for help the staff got me in to see the doctor the next morning. I started coming to treatment and counseling and little by little my life started coming together. I came down from the medication slow and was able to walk away feeling fine with the help and support of the staff. It wasn't easy but it was worth it.


Success Story 6

I am almost fifty years old I had been using drugs for 33 years. At first it was teenage fun, and I had found a crowd of people I felt comfortable with. They were like me, normal smart, good family upbringing but something was missing. I fell in love with a man who also was using drugs and things progressed from there. I didn't see it happening but drugs became more apart of my life just like eating and breathing. I always lied and said I could stop then I found out I couldn't go without them. I didn't understand what was going on with my body, my family thought it was a mental breakdown.

I had some ups and downs over the next few years and had started my family before returning to the area. Then the old friend started popping up and so did the drugs. I was able to keep it together enough to fool everyone. My kids went to a private school and I became cheerleading mom , wrestling mom and football mom. I worked Bingo High, took my kids to the movies and camping and swimming all the time high. The only time people thought anything was wrong was when I didn't have any. I used illness to get pills and when that didn't work I went to the streets. It was Scary! I lost control I lost everything my children, my husband my mother and most of all I lost who I was. I use so much I should be dead.

When I first found out about the Treatment Center my family was against it but I knew it was my only hope. Its been three years and I have had some bumps on the road to recovery but I am alive and doing well. My family sees that now and support me, and I am there for them when they need me. I had a great counselor who helped me through the tough times and I thank God I don't use and for the clinic who saved my life.


Success Story 7

I am 29 year old white, married, female. I got hooked on pain pills when I was around 17 years old. I dropped out of high school and I would go from doctor to doctor. When I ran out of my legal prescription I would get it on the streets. I did this from 1994 until 2003. I got hooked on pain pills because I was out partying and someone said take this and I would feel better as I did have back problems. I was addicted before I knew it. It was the last thing on my mind when I went to bed and the first thing on my mind when I woke up. My present husband and I would get prescriptions in the same way. We would do odd jobs and write bad checks to get the money when we didn't have it. We got in trouble for writing bad checks but this still did not open our eyes. In 1999 I was in a car wreck but I was not under the influence. I was unknowly pregnant and I lost the baby. I got more pain pills from this. We did other illegal things such as getting fake stickers to go on our vehicle when it was illegal. We would travel all over the state to see dentist to get pain killers prescribed.

I finally decided in 2003 that I had a good job at a fast food place and the pain pills was interfering with my work. I would work but it was hard and the people around me could tell it had a problem. I eventually quit the job and I heard about the clinics that was open and that it was helpful in getting off pain pills. My husband and I started the clinic in 2003. The clinic is the best thing that has ever happened to me. we hav our lives back, we have money now, and we are not dependent on the medication to get us through the day. If there is a family event we don't need pills to get us through it. We are no longer doing any of the wrong things. We have saved money. We have better relationships with our families because we don't have to hide anything. I don't know where I'd be if we didn't come here. If we had continued we would have lost our home and even our lives.

Patient #215


Success Story 8

It's hard to express how excited I am to finally share "my story", of recovery. By reading how others found freedom from their addiction, I started to believe that an answer really did exist. In Dec. of 2004, I found the answer I had so desperately searched for, the Huntington Treatment Center. My wish is to offer hope of recovery, and a future to all of those still suffering from the torments of opiate addiction. There is a way out, and Methadone treatment can help you get there.

Addiction respects no one, and all are at risk. It's amazing how fast a so-called, normal life, can spiral out of control, and we never see it coming. What started with casual use, quickly turned into something I could not control. Soon, it took on a mind of its own. Eventually, I lost all that was ever important to me; career, home, savings, and the respect and trust of family and friends. Still, it wasn't enough!

Finally, unable to continue to live this lie I had created that, "everything was fine," I began to seek help. Initially running through the typical routes; doctors, psychiatrists, rehabs, hospitals, even will power, without any success. Once released, right back I would go. The more I failed, the more discouraged I became. Then one day, I heard of treatment through the use of Methadone. With one more try left in me, I took it. The clinic was the beginning of my journey back, for that, I am so thankful.

The program at the Huntington Treatment Center works by gradually readjusting our lives from out of control, to stable. If worked correctly, you are not impaired in anyway, and can continue to drive and hold down a job while receiving treatment. Medication is only a part of treatment at HTC. It's also important to attend counseling sessions, groups, and even an after care program once you've completed the dosing phase. This program helps with readjustment so your not left feeling abandoned and alone.

In the end, it's up to the individual as to how successful recovery is. But speaking from my experience, medication assisted treatments by far the only way I've found that maintains sobriety. You can be free from this bondage that wreaks our lives, and removes us from productive life. The Huntington Treatment Center is my road back, a re-introduction to a life I left years ago. Thank you.

Patient # 308R


Success Story 9

As with beauty, the definition of success lies in the eye of the beholder. Am I a failure because I am not 100% drug free or a success because I have discovered a way to enjoy a productive, crime- free, healthy life while on methadone?

As a young adult I had great potential. I was intelligent and creative. I graduated salutatorian (2nd) in my high school class with several college scholarships.

Unfortunately, that summer an unplanned pregnancy and abortion left me devastated-lacking self-esteem and consumed with guilt and bitterness.

In the fall I enrolled in college, got a job and continued to make A's, but something was missing in my life. I began drinking and experimenting with drugs. Within two years I progressed from week-end drinking to narcotic addiction - using narcotics as psychological pain killers.

Eventually, the life of crime that accompanied addiction led to my arrest. I was sentenced to one year of probation and ordered to attend rehab. I enrolled in a 30-day program, was detoxed from narcotics and introduced to Alcoholics Anonymous (There was no Narcotics Anonymous in the area at that time.)

Although I liked not being addicted and feared going to jail, I was unable to stay clean after being released from rehab. I was straight, lonely and miserable. Soon I began using again and found myself addicted once more.

Even with the threat of imprisonment, I was still unable to control my addiction. I was soon arrested again for another drug- related felony. This time the judge sentenced me to five years probation and ordered me to enroll in a rehab program that was more intense than the average 30-day program. I moved to Houston, Texas and entered the Palmer Drug Abuse Program (a highly-regarded and well-publicized 12 Step Program reputed to have a good success rate.)

I sincerely tried my best to get and stay sober. I experienced moderate success. I had nine consecutive months of sobriety before getting high again. True to pattern, it only took a week or two for me to find narcotics. Once again addiction soon followed.

At this time I entered into what was probably the craziest and most dangerous period of my life. I was driving my wreck of a car into high-crime areas to buy drugs from strangers. I was missing work and went through my savings. I got hepatitis. The breaking point came when I learned how to "make money" on the office copier. I had enough sense to realize that if my behavior continued I would eventually be caught and sent to prison for a long time or murdered by someone I was trying to rip off. I kicked (cold turkey) a few times but always returned to the drugs.

By now I was aware of methadone. Because of its strength, I was hesitant to try it. I knew it was not the treatment of first choice, but because of my repeated attempts and failures to get and stay sober by other means, I decided to give it a try. I called the methadone clinic and put my name on the waiting list.

By the time I was called back I had kicked once again and decided not to keep my appointment. Sadly, within a few days I was addicted again. When I called the clinic to put my name back on the list the operator decided to schedule an appointment for me right away.

When I presented myself at the Texas Research Institute for Mental Science (TRIMS) methadone program I was broke, addicted and planning to beg for change to collect the $ 2.00 needed for my first dose.

Since then it has been a long, strange journey filled with ups and downs. I won't lie and say I immediately "got with the program" and life has been a fairy tale since then. What I will say is that my life is now and has been "normal" for many years.

I have been on the Huntington Treatment Center methadone program for three years now. Through counseling I have been provided with tools necessary to make life work. I don't wake up sick everyday, wondering how to get money and drugs. I take my methadone and nothing else - and get on with the business of living. I care for my elderly disabled mother and spend time with family and friends. I have money for living expenses and recreation. I have been given the gift of maturity and understanding that comes with time and experience. Perhaps that has been the most precious thing of all.

In summary, when 100% sobriety does not work, methadone may be the best alternative. After trying and failing time and again to get and stay sober methadone can be the key to staying alive, out of prison and healthy. Although there are drawbacks to being on methadone, I find it preferable to death, disease and imprisonment.

Patient # 1557